Experts for innovation management.

We are the heads behind SQUARE. Together with our clients, we develop and deploy innovative solutions.

Success in the genes.

SQUARE is an independent sister of the HSBA Business School and shares the same DNA. We support our clients in that we combine both research and theory with hands-on solutions.

For over 40 years, the Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA) has helped address the demands and dynamics of the business world. For us, the duality between economics and academies is a principle we live out every day.

  • 1975: Founded as Hamburg Business Academy
  • 2004: Further development into the HSBA
  • 2019: Independent Innovation Campus, SQUARE

With SQUARE, we are redefining the interaction between business and academia. In doing this, we prove that successful innovation results from research and implementation.

Porträt von Dr. Uve Samuels

Innovation needs variety.

  • We don’t know everything – but together, we know more. That’s why our innovation hub is a platform for experts. We help bundle knowledge and experience from multiple perspectives together in order to create innovative ideas and new solutions for businesses.
  • We work in various fields of expertise with a versatile team. We integrate the experience and perspectives of start-ups, scientists, experts, founders and students into our ecosystem. Regardless of the project, we always place great importance on the high level of qualifications of all those we work with.