Rethink your Business

Creativity and Diversity – Use the access to SQUARE and HSBA community and further develop your business model as well as your products

The network of SQUARE HSBA Innovation Hub´s community consists of numerous companies, institutions, students, alumni and further network partners. Due to this fact this gives us access to a wide range of people – from school graduates to senior executives from various sectors of business. By involving this diverse group of people at an early stage of ideation you can already map the most diverse perspectives and requirements. 

approx. 1 week (duration depends on subject and defined workshop-goal)

The main aim of this workshop is to develop ideas and first prototypes for the topic agreed on beforehand. At the end of the workshop, these first prototypes will be evaluated by the SQUARE HSBA Innovation Team and a jury of experts as well as the clients` representatives with regard to innovative strength, sustainability and, if applicable, technical feasibility and business model. This assessment can be the starting point for concrete implementation projects.

Core Elements of the workshop:


  • Moderation and methodical accompany of the workshop
  • Keynote speeches by external experts
  • Recruiting of participants
  • Guidance trough through iteration steps and preparation of the pitches
  • Composing and briefing jury of experts
  • Pitch to jury and clients` representatives
  • First evaluation of prototypes regarding innovative strength, technical feasibility, sustainability and business model


We are looking forward designing your workshop. Please contact us, we are happy to discuss your innovation challenge!