ReStart your Business

Your project has come to a standstill and you want to give it new momentum? You want to set up a new project and are looking for a way to effectively coach the team through all the ups and downs of the project?

Whether as a new start of business after a crisis or the fundamental need to further develop the business model, projects or processes. Regular projects are required for this purpose - and projects get out of focus, project teams get entangled, various problems arise and endanger the successful completion of the project.

The project team members are supported and enabled by this format to take the next innovation step and further develop the current business model in the form of a "Creative Business Modelling" approach. This format can also provide an incentive to apply the methods learned in daily business in the future and thus take a pioneering role for further internal company projects.

Particular attention is paid to changing the mindset. On the one hand, the mindset is about the fundamental understanding that digitalisation will lead to a radical change in the market and competition in all industries. Therefore, the urgency of developing new business models as well as taking an even stronger customer perspective in the future should be emphasized. On the other hand, the participants should understand that a different approach and perspective can lead to new types of processes and business models.

6 presence days, spread over a period of 2 to 6 months (will be specifically coordinated depending on the project and can also be adjusted in the course of the project).

This is your benefit:


  • An identified but not yet started project can be set up in such a way that the team works together effectively and efficiently and good project progress can be expected
  • Coaching by a neutral body (SQUARE HSBA Innovation Hub) allows various challenges in team building to be better addressed than with a purely internally conducted project
  • This is especially true for the re-set of an already started but inhibited project
  • Various other aspects can be advanced by working on the real company project. Especially the effect on the mindset and the aquisition of ambassadors - for the project or new working methods - should be emphasized.
  • More sustainable qualification, as newly learned methods are directly applied.


We look forward to restarting your project with you.
Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you!

Core elements of project coaching at SQUARE HSBA Innovation Hub are:


  • Support of the teambuilding process, coaching of the team by the neutral SQUARE Coach
  • Teaching new methods (e. g. agile project methods, creativity methods etc.)
  • Networking with HSBA/SQUARE-Community by involving experts and impulses from other companies and industry sectors (exchange of experience/impulse to similar challenges)
  • Change of the mindset and development of internal ambassadors and multipliers
  • Continuation of the project