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Rethink your Business – Innovation Workshop

Creativity and Diversity – Use the access to SQUARE and HSBA community and further develop your business model as well as your products

Usually your employees are deeply engaged in operations. Sometimes there might be a lack of distance to one´s own business for developing creative ideas for new products, processes and business models whilst thinking out of the box.
Conduct your innovation workshop with us und profit from our huge an inspiring community.
Matching with the topic of your workshop we will cast the fitting participants for you. Due to their different backgrounds the participants will bring in additional perspectives and ideas. Ideas will be optimized in a creative sparring process. This is how creativity leads to a high level of innovation. 

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Re-start your Business

Your project has come to a standstill and you want to give it new momentum? You want to set up a new project and are looking for a way to effectively coach the team through all the ups and downs of the project?
We as SQUARE HSBA Innovation Hub accompany your project and coach it through the storming phases and help to overcome these and other challenges.

In the project coaching we convey the appropriate method at the right time. By networking with the SQUARE community we integrate experts from the network who can bring impulses into your project and share their own experiences with your project staff.

The effects of this project coaching are sustainable: the project develops, the project team members expand their competences in project management and (agile) methods and finally act as ambassadors for your innovative ideas and projects in your company. 

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Digital Toolbox Professional

Get ready for the digital transformation – with our Digital Toolbox Professional!

We prepare you for the digital transformation: train your digital skills and acquire the necessary practical know-how for the digital transformation in your company! In lectures and workshops, experienced speakers give you impulses on how to design and implement the digital transformation in your company:

  • Digital Strategy – when to use which strategy?
  • Business Process Innovation – which influences and technologies have a lasting effect on business processes?
  • Intrapreneur – disruption and new development of business models.
  • Communication & Marketing Technologies – how and where to target your audience?
  • Programming & Data Business (EN) – how the right software architecture can support a business case.


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