What drives us

Germany needs a new innovation strategy.

German businesses have to strengthen their innovative power in order to keep up with global digitalization and competitors like the US and China. New technologies and digital value chain structures are creating a continually disruptive climate: the half-life of companies is sinking, while the pace is steadily increasing.

Porträt von Alexander Birken


The name SQUARE comes from multiplying something by squaring it. And that aptly describes our way of thinking and working. We multiply the innovative potential of economics and science to come up with solutions that are as innovative as they are implementable. In this way, we use the duality of our DNA for the advantage of our clients.

We shape tomorrow’s economy

The HSBA innovation campus supports companies in the innovation process and offers future security.

SQUARE helps those overwhelmed by digitalization to overcome barriers and remain competitive.

Using new methods and perspectives, we’re creating future-oriented impulses for the innovative ideas and solutions of tomorrow.

We accelerate and enable a company culture of innovation, and provide measurable results.

Technology and business are both inseparable parts of our work methodology.

The disruption of one’s own business model opens up new chances and perspectives. In order to do so, businesses must take on the necessary responsibility and be open in order to react to change. That doesn’t work with the ‘business as usual’ model. On the contrary, it means working closely with the client and putting innovative and sustainable perspectives into focus.

Porträt von Christoph Wöhlke

Our values are reflected in everything we do.


We constantly analyze the culture of innovation in terms of its sustainability and take our responsibility regarding future possibilities seriously.


We’re always on the lookout for disruptive innovations. In finding them, we search our worldwide network of scientific research- and application-oriented sources.


We look forward to a digitalized future and transform our enthusiasm into innovative ideas for more growth and success.


We greet every client and project with understanding and openness. This allows us to create tailor-made solutions for their business.