How we work

Systemizing innovation.

Together with our clients, we develop market-ready innovations for products, services and business models.

Innovation is not a coincidence. On the contrary, it needs clear processes. We have developed our own innovation processes, which seamlessly combine all necessary steps, from the creative exploratory phase and targeted development of various ideas, to interactive prototyping and complete business implementation.

The SQUARE Innovation Street.

Goal: Understand new technology, discover possibilities and identify the relevance of one’s own product and business model.
Goal: Develop ideas and shape them into prototypes. Collect “real life” experiences.
Goal: Steer and transfer all results into operative solutions.

A tailor-made culture of innovation.


Today’s qualification with tomorrow’s competencies.


Competitive advantages through scientific research.


Approach disruptive technologies with confidence.


Access to the vast experience of our wide-reaching network.

Today, technology offers completely new possibilities, while simultaneously challenging existing business models. SQUARE offers clients uncomplicated access to new technologies such as AI, VR, AR, 3D printing and more. All this while equipping and navigating them to build a successful digital future

Porträt von Lars Reger

Our building embodies the spirit of innovation.

Where our building now stands was once a mere subway tunnel. But with imagination and vision, an architectural gem was constructed on the premises: one that now serves as a home for innovation. We are open to host your event.