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Today, the rapid pace of innovation is impacting our lives like never before. Across all business sectors, new technologies and challenges are popping up faster than you can say “the internet of things.” That’s why we offer an innovative place that prepares your business for the future while exploring new directions and opportunities.


The future needs
innovative Ideas.

Our innovation hub supports companies in developing, implementing and monetizing tomorrow’s innovations. In achieving this, we are helping redefine business through new processes and our differentiating approach of dual innovation©: an approach that combines the best of innovation in companies and universities.



Tomorrow’s market success does not automatically derive from the market success of today. Technology’s exponential growth is rewriting the rules, while playing an increasingly disruptive role. This, in turn, requires a continual focus on the systematization of innovation. And that’s exactly what we do at our innovation hub.




SQUARE consists of a team of experts from various fields. But regardless of their expertise, all bring one title to the table: innovator. Our platform combines both innovative research and a deep understanding of economics and the changing business landscape. We also work closely with the Hamburg School of Business Administration, which in turn cooperates with over 250 partners.

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What distinguishes us

Experience has taught us that innovation is the result of well thought-out and analyzed processes. These processes begin with the research of disruptive technologies and are then transformed into innovative solutions that exactly fit the client’s individual demands.


What we provide

Do you want to be at the forefront of the digitisation process? You want to develop new products, processes or business models? Stay competitive in the future and carry out your tailor-made workshop with us.

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OUr Network

In order for German companies to be able to play a leading role in the digitalised future, the innovation culture in this country must be improved and promoted. Our mission is to shape the economy of tomorrow together with our partners.

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OUR Cases

We are experienced in supporting companies to evolve products, services and business models. This has already resulted in more than 60 success stories.


News & Stories

Latest information on our network partners, cooperations, events and product innovations

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